Hardship fund hits hard times

Malcolm Ross


Discretionary funds have reached a “critical” level as some universities have run out of the hardship finance.

Universities have run out of crisis funds to help those struggling to find enough money to continue their courses, with academic performance now being taken into account when applying for help. Continue reading


Brown heralds a nuclear powered world

Calum D Liddle

Gordon Brown has appealed to Iran to end its uranium enrichment programme in return for international help in developing a civil nuclear power industry.  Continue reading

Fat tax spat out


Calum D Liddle


Chocoholics breathed a sigh of relief after doctors rejected plans for their favourite snack to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes. Continue reading

Youth violence in Scottish schools a ‘national disgrace’


Calum D Liddle

6000 secondary school pupils were expelled or suspended last year for fighting, assaulting staff and carrying weapons.


The figures, released under a Veritas freedom of information request show Hillpark Secondary in Glasgow is the most violent school in Scotland, with 120 exclusions for violence last year. Continue reading

Controversial comedy – Or political correctness gone mad? Ex-Veritas columnist in discrimination row


Catie Guitart

In a case of preaching to the unconverted, Scottish comedian The Reverend Obadian Steppenwolfe III has been accused of “grossly crossing a line of decency and respect” by the Stirling University Students Association (SUSA), who are campaigning to have him banned from 16 student unions
Continue reading

Two men held in custody for daytime Dalry rape

Charlotte Morgenthal

It was Monday the 16th February at 3pm when two men snatched a 24-year-old Australian woman from the Dalry area of Edinburgh and subjected her to a seven-hour sexual attack.

A noxious substance was sprayed in her face, and she was taken to a makeshift shelter in an industrial wasteland close to the Telfer Subway connecting the Fountainbridge area with Dalry. Continue reading

page3vEmma Hill

Social networking site Facebook has sparked anger over controversial plans to survey its user’s profiles, collecting data for market research organisations. Continue reading