Pirate Bay no safe habour for file sharing


Catie Guitart

The word ‘pirate’ is derived from the Greek word peira, which roughly translates to ‘to find luck on the sea’. Language lessons aside, it seems Swedish-hosted file sharing site Pirate Bay is no longer sailing through untroubled waters. In a court case that has bordered on farcical, three of the website’s co-founders, Fredik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and the site’s donor, Swedish dotcom millionaire Carl Lundström, stood in the dock in Stockholm charged with copyright infringement and staring two years in prison and a fine of £98,000 in the face.

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In coalition with the EIS (the trade union representing Napier staff), the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Students 4 Change, Veritas is calling on Napier University to cancel its contract with Eden Springs, and send non-monetary aid to the University of Gaza which was bombed six times last month.

Please support this motion by signing the petition above (‘campaign for Gaza’) and coming to a public meeting on Thursday February 26 at 5pm in G2 Merchiston.



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page3vEmma Hill

Social networking site Facebook has sparked anger over controversial plans to survey its user’s profiles, collecting data for market research organisations. Continue reading

The time has come: remove nukes from Scotland

trident_subCatie Guitart 

Scotland could invoke international law to block the UK government’s desire to maintain a nuclear arsenal, one of the world’s leading legal experts has stated.

In the run-up to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s 51st anniversary on February 17th, Judge Christopher Weeramantry, former vice-president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), told an Edinburgh conference that while defence matters are reserved to the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament has international humanitarian and legal obligations that weapons of mass destruction violate. Continue reading


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Birmingham beats the boss in protest against hall fees

Roisin Brady

Students at Birmingham University have taken a stand against the rising cost of campus accommodation. Continue reading