Uni rebellion demands Gaza Aid


Students at the Sussex University occupation that lasted seven days

Students at the Sussex University occupation that lasted seven day.

 Demian Hobby

Students from 19 British universities have occupied floors, lecture halls and buildings demanding condemnation of Israel, responding to UN declared war crimes in Gaza last month.


Institutions such as Strathclyde, Sheffield, Newcastle and Leeds called for university statements condemning Israeli war crimes, as well as a boycott on Israeli goods and foreign aid to be sent to Gaza.

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Napier doesn’t make the grade in nation-wide student experience survey

Catie Guitart

Napier University bottomed out in a UK-wide ranking of universities, according to a survey of students’ perception of their experience at university.

The survey, the second of its kind and commissioned by The Times Higher Education Supplement, placed Napier University at 93 out of 101 universities in a poll designed to showcase universities offering the top student experience.

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Attempted Kaka coup questions transfers sanity

Ahmed Asif

Well, the ludicrous transfer of Brazilian star Kaka from AC Milan to struggling Manchester City failed. It stalled not over the mind numbing £100m+ transfer fee, but the player’s personal decision and his dream of one day captaining the Italian giants. However, this saga will not be forgotten soon. It exemplifies the debate engulfing cash-flooded clubs and the transfer market.

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Scottish hacker wins court appeal


Calum D Liddle 

A Scottish hacker has won permission from the High Court in London to apply for a judicial review against the Home Secretary’s “outrageous” decision to extradite him.

Gary McKinnon, 42, confessed to hacking into US military computers between 2001 and 2002 in an attempt to uncover evidence of UFOs.


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Dumpster-diving: Bin there, done that?


Veritas gets down in the dumpster in the hunt for free food

With the country now ‘officially’ in recession, after the worst slump in gross domestic product (GDP) since 1980, unemployment is on the rise in all industries with predictions of two million jobless in 2009. Though quarterly student loans means that Scottish students are less affected, a high proportion of Napier’s international students relying on part-time jobs are less lucky.

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New heights for Highland education


currently under £100m rejuvenation plans

Napier's Sighthill: currently under £100m rejuvenation plans

Calum D Liddle

A new super campus is to be created as part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) Millennium Institute.

The new campus will involve a merger of the independent Argyll, Skye and Wester Ross and Lochaber colleges, into a campus dominating Skye.



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Billy Liar: A True Story


Emma Hill

You’ve probably seen him busking in Cowgate or belting his lungs out in a once-smoky bar, acoustic guitar clutched by the neck. Don’t be fooled by his stage name, Billy Liar, Iain McDonald is the real deal. 


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